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What we do

We are a small and flexible quality management consulting company, with a focus on the automotive industry.

We have experience in following areas:

Consulting for automotive companies (OEM and TIER1, TIER2 etc. suppliers)
Providing assistance with customer-specific requirements


What We Can Offer
Your company has achieved a high level of professionalism, mature processes, and, most importantly, customers you can be really proud of.
But something is still missing... 
You would like to improve your suppliers' quality to your level and to the level expected by your customers?
Don't know why the same complaints are repeating again and again? 
Not sure how much you truly lose on scrap and how to reduce it?

  Take it for Granted...

     + Customer Satisfaction
    + Automotive Experience
    + Process Improvement
    + Reducing Losses
    + Affordable Prices

    + and more...